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All troubled businesses need two things: Turnaround leadership and access to cash. 

No turnaround can be effective without access to resources, particularly cash.  But it is difficult to attract cash to a troubled business without strong turnaround leadership.   

So, how do you attract turnaround leadership without cash? 

That’s the catch 22 felt by most troubled business.  Very frustrating and a roadblock to the turnaround.  

You can solve this problem right now by engaging directly with Scott and his Sinclair Range team.  Scott can provide or attract capital investment and can also provide the turnaround leadership.  No more catch 22. 

How the Process Works 

When you engage with Scott and his team from Sinclair Range, you can get immediate and direct help in three forms.   

  • We buy troubled businesses and provide the turnaround leadership and required capital.   
  • We invest in troubled businesses and partner with existing ownership to rescue the business. 
  • We consult with troubled businesses, including Scott operating as an Interim Executive, helping them to create a turnaround plan and raise the required money. 

Here is my philosophy for working with existing management and owners of troubled businesses. I tell my teams:  “You go back to doing the things you do well.  That you are passionate about.  That were the reason you got into business to begin with. I will handle the other parts of the turnaround, restructuring, refinancing and stakeholder negotiations that are taking most of your time and causing all of your stress.” 

A turnaround is a team effort.  You can immediately begin to remediate the business by working with Scott and his team right now. 

What Clients Are Saying
Thanks so much for your brilliant talk last eve at Fernie Distillery. You captivated us all with your expertise in the business field that I’m sure saved some businesses, and put the rest of us in a better focus. Your real-life examples were super helpful, and the pp was a good visual summary. Thanks again for the 3 tips-super helpful!
Fernie BC Speaking Event November 2023 Attendee
What Clients Are Saying

Scott and the team at Sinclair Range helped me navigate through a hard time and unfortunate situation that I found myself in, dealing with a failing company. Scott’s knowledge and ability of restructuring companies and dealing with the problems associated, provided an opportunity to retain skilled and loyal employees as well as maintain client relationships through recessionary conditions. The entire experience provided me with an education that I really didn’t want but I believe will be very beneficial in future business ventures. 

Turnaround Client
What Clients Are Saying

Scott was completely professional. He understood our need for a reasonable interim financing deal and the timeliness. He did as promised and delivered on time and managed the interests of both parties in a very professional way. We continue to do business with Scott and I would recommend him highly for any financial solution the requires smart, problem solving and a deft customer service touch.

Turnaround Client
What Clients Are Saying

Scott and Sinclair Range saved us from certain bankruptcy.  We were able to negotiate with our bank, restructure our payments, refinance and turn profitable.  It was such a painful and long fight for us but, in the end, we saved the business and jobs.  Thank you. 

Turnaround Client

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