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An Online Course to Turnaround Your Business and Your Life
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Learn Turnaround Strategies on Your Own Time

While 90% of business owners are never able to pay themselves a living wage, the reality is that they’re busy and don’t always have time to do what’s necessary to improve the business.  

My Pathway to Profit Academy is designed to provide best-in-class content that can be consumed on your own time so you can focus on what’s most important and make incremental progress.

Academy Overview

Content within the academy is based on my Winning Momentum methodology and takes a deep dive into 9 key turnaround strategies that will help you turn both your business and life around. 

By going through the academy, you will learn how to: 

  1. Identify and stop the bleeding within a struggling company 
  2. Start small to get quick wins and build momentum towards a turnaround 
  3. Leverage the power of positivity and empower your team to support the entire turnaround process 
  4. Get access to cash to fund your turnaround efforts 
  5. Run a more profitable business 
What Clients Are Saying
Thanks so much for your brilliant talk last eve at Fernie Distillery. You captivated us all with your expertise in the business field that I’m sure saved some businesses, and put the rest of us in a better focus. Your real-life examples were super helpful, and the pp was a good visual summary. Thanks again for the 3 tips-super helpful!
Fernie BC Speaking Event November 2023 Attendee
What Clients Are Saying

Scott and the team at Sinclair Range helped me navigate through a hard time and unfortunate situation that I found myself in, dealing with a failing company. Scott’s knowledge and ability of restructuring companies and dealing with the problems associated, provided an opportunity to retain skilled and loyal employees as well as maintain client relationships through recessionary conditions. The entire experience provided me with an education that I really didn’t want but I believe will be very beneficial in future business ventures. 

Turnaround Client
What Clients Are Saying

Scott was completely professional. He understood our need for a reasonable interim financing deal and the timeliness. He did as promised and delivered on time and managed the interests of both parties in a very professional way. We continue to do business with Scott and I would recommend him highly for any financial solution the requires smart, problem solving and a deft customer service touch.

Turnaround Client
What Clients Are Saying

Scott and Sinclair Range saved us from certain bankruptcy.  We were able to negotiate with our bank, restructure our payments, refinance and turn profitable.  It was such a painful and long fight for us but, in the end, we saved the business and jobs.  Thank you. 

Turnaround Client

What’s Included in the Academy

1. 8-Module Online Course: Instant access to a 9-module online course that covers the 9 core pillars of my Winning Momentum method. Each module consists of multiple lessons that teach both strategies and exercises you can apply immediately to see results.

2. Course Workbook: Downloadable workbook that supports the learning material and exercises and allows for quick reference at any time. 

3. Course Toolset: Access various templated resources that I’ve spent years putting together to accelerate implementing the recommended strategies. 

4. Private Online Community: Every business is unique which means we can all learn from and support each other during the turnaround process. Network with a community of like-minded business owners to provide support but also learn practical tips on what is working for them.

5. BONUS: 1-Hour Strategy Session with Scott: It’s one thing to learn the best strategies, but applying is another thing. To ensure you’re successful with seeing results from the academy, Scott will do a complimentary 1-hour strategy session with you to answer any questions you might have.

We’re currently accepting waitlist requests for the academy. Submit your request below and we’ll immediately send you our First Step to Profit playbook. A step-by-step guide to the first steps to start shifting the momentum in your business today! 

Academy FeaturesCost
8-Module Online Course$2,999.00
Course Workbook$199.00
Course Toolset$499.00
Private Online Community$99.00
BONUS: 1-Hour Strategy Session with Scott $1,499.00
Total Retail Value$3,796.00
Your Price $1,499.00

Early-Access Special

Act now and be part of the Academy waitlist and receive an additional $500 off when we launch.

Final Price

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Scott Sinclair is the founder of Sinclair Range, successful entrepreneur, speaker and host of the Winning Momentum podcast. 

As a turnaround expert and investor, he challenges and inspires people to become honest about who they are, guides them to make necessary change and mentors them to realize results. 

Great Scott! Let’s get this ball rolling.

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