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Scott Sinclair

is a world leading, recognized business turnaround expert with a passion for saving jobs and rescuing business value.
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Scott Sinclair is the founder of Sinclair Range, Winning Momentum, successful entrepreneur, investor, advisor, speaker and podcast host. 

As a turnaround expert and investor, he challenges and inspires people to become honest about who they are, guides them to make necessary change and mentors them to realize results. 

As a part of that mission, Scott has taken years of formal training, setbacks, life lessons, reinvention and successes and has distilled them into simple yet effective lessons to help anyone live a purposeful and abundant life. 

With 30 years in all areas of investment and merchant banking, he has participated in corporate finance transactions, including: financings, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and informal and formal restructurings exceeding approximately $25 billion in transaction value.   

He is an established professional in business and securities valuation and has provided valuation related professional services in areas such as: fairness opinions, corporate transactions and family law. 

Scott is a CPA, CA and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and has personally worked with thousands of people.  He has been Director of several public and private corporations in Canada, US and Europe and has advised companies and their shareholders in over thirty countries. 

As a sought-after expert, he speaks on business strategies, how to build Momentum in Business and maintain positivity across a broad spectrum of industries. With his optimistic approach to life and business, Scott specializes in building partnerships that result in increased value and lasting relationships. 

Scott resides in Fernie, British Columbia with his lovely wife and adorable daughter. 


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