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Slides From My Speech at White Label World Expo 2022

I spoke in Vegas at the CBD White Label World Expo in May 2022. Here are the slides used during the speech. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

190. How to Price a Private Company For Sale and Other User Questions

Answering some of your questions: – Negotiating a raise – alignment of core values of employer and employee – how to price a business for sale – the M&A process – business valuation – fair market value vs. market value

191. Aaron Hammer

Aaron’s journey from professional to entrepreneur – the turnaround of Miami’s Red Steakhouse – Aaron’s approach to turnarounds – Aaron’s tips on changing negative momentum to positive

A Crisis Management Response to Personal and Professional Attacks

Here are some tips, taken from crisis and turnaround management, that should be considered if you find yourself in any similar situation

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SMART Goals For Achievable Objectives; DARE for High Growth and Turnarounds

What planning have you done for that new start?  How did you go about it?

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10 Mental Filters That Are Sabotaging Your Success

The human brain operates by using pattern recognition as a short cut to decision making, rather than consuming all available data, all the time, for all decisions.

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