220. Peter Siegel on Investing, Business Pitches, Managing in Uncertainty

sinclair | March 7, 2023

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In this Episode we talk with Peter Siegel, a real estate owner, investor, manager, entrepreneur, author, and business leader that has been investing in real estate for three decades and has a well-established infrastructure for property management, construction, and investor relations. After years of partnering with friends and family, Peter created Siegel Capital so that multifamily real estate investments could be accessible to the typical accredited investor.

Peter has the business experience of a “street fighter” with a Wall Street background. Having completed hundreds of property acquisitions and financings, and with extensive construction, development, and management experience, Peter has a wealth of knowledge and track record that is required for you to successfully partner on the acquisition and ownership of great income-producing real estate.


Topics discussed include:

• How to invest and manage a business in this environment of uncertainty and chaos

• What has been learned from business pitches– the good and the bad

• What is Peter’s approach to business investments

• Peter’s thoughts on real estate investments for the inexperienced

• Strategies for changing momentum AND we have a special visit from Peter’s daughter, Abigail, selling us some cookies.

Check out the below link and by some COOKIES


Check out Peter’s podcast – https://www.youtube.com/@SiegelCap

Great Scott! Let’s get this ball rolling.

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