217. Kevin Waldbillig - A Psychotherapist's Perspective on Life Changes

sinclair | January 24, 2023

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This Episode is a conversation with Kevin Waldbillig.

Kevin is a past guest on show and is a Registered Psychotherapist, dealing with mental health and counseling, and a career coaching specialist in private practice in The Greater Toronto area since 2012. Kevin has had the opportunity in his career to help assess, coach and help find creative solutions for over a thousand clients in a variety of sectors and stages of career development, many of whom have experienced workplace challenges and difficulties in both their professional or personal lives. He has worked as a part time professor with Sheridan College, and has been a counsellor and clinician at The University of Toronto.

This wide-ranging conversation includes the following topics:

• increases in depression, substance abuse and suicide

• strategies for combating mental health issues

• the role of exercise and meditation in mental health

• how to rebuild confidence to get your life back on track

• a formula for personal change

• work life balance

• the psychological down side of side hustles

Great Scott! Let’s get this ball rolling.

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