211. Geoffrey Hiscock - 25 Years on Bay Street, Secrets to Business Development, Facing Your Demons

sinclair | November 1, 2022

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This Episode is a wide-ranging conversation with the engaging Geoffrey Hiscock, covering his 25 year career on Bay Street, including his current position at Waygar Capital and past positions with Frontwell Capital, Business Development Bank of Canada, PNC, CIBC, Wells Fargo, and others.

Of particular note to me was Geoff’s journey and lessons learned, from Queens University with a B.SC., to underwriting, to Business Development Executive. Too many young professionals and entrepreneurs fail to see business development as a job. It’s hard work and requires real human interaction – which is becoming a lost art. Geoff explains how he faced his fears head on by joining Second City improv and sketch comedy theatre to help him speak and engage in person.

“I was a little bit introverted to be quite honest with you when I started out. You put me in a room with a hundred people and it was very difficult for me to maneuver around that room.”

“So what did I do to overcome? That was why I joined Second city. I studied there for two years and I did all my improvisational courses, and I took stand up too. I faced my demons”  

“You walk into the room and people feel that energy. You know when you walk in and you’re not smiling, or you’ve got an ego, immediately you can hear the doors start to shut”  

“What I found is very important for me is just, you know, I put a smile on my face”

“I look at things in a positive manner, particularly transactions, and try to be enthusiastic about what I do, because I am enthusiastic about what I do. I’m a deal junkie.”

“You have to present yourself in a professional manner, and you have to add value in order to grab people’s attention.”

“I’m open to mentoring people. By all means anybody can look me up on on linkedin and reach out. I’m readily available, and I love doing that.”  

Geoff is currently Managing Director, Originations at Waygar Capital. Waygar provides working capital loans, revolving lines, term loans against machinery, equipment and other fixed assets.



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