205. Jeremy Weber on Personal Branding

sinclair | September 13, 2022

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In this Episode we discuss personal branding with Jeremy Weber, speaker, strategist, founding member and director of Brand Implementation at Brand Builders Group.

In Jeremy’s over seventeen year career, he has founded, sold and helped to grow multiple companies. His work as a personal brand strategist has supported New York Times best-selling authors, TED speakers, celebrities, influencers, and a shark tank investor.

Our wide ranging and impactful conversation includes:

1. Using ‘space’ to reflect, be creative and to make life changing decisions – and to change momentum

“when you start your own business, there is no time to just sit around and ponder and analyze”.

Jeremy used is early career in the public sector as a launching pad for his entrepreneurial career. He used what his job gave him, which was free time to think and an income to offset financial risk.

“I had the space to go deep and see some gaps in the market”.

2. How shifts in technology drive shifts in consumer behaviour,

“it’s becoming more and more important from a buyer’s perspective that the online representation of your personal brand be really intentional”

3. The reputation formula Reputation = Results x Reach

“Consumers need to understand who they’re doing business with. If they figure out they like you and trust you, they may want to take the next steps.”

“And so that’s the big gap. People say – I’m on social media. I do whatever. But they’re not focusing on their reputation and manifesting it on-line.”

“Be really intentional about how you take your reputation and digitize it.”

4. Why Personal brands more authentically connect with consumers and strategic partners, and ultimately help you differentiate from the competition.

“Personal Brands are the next generation of growth and strategic thinking.”

“Not that corporate marketing and sales go away. This is a new tool in the toolbox that if you’re not embracing it, other people are. And you’re eventually going to fall behind.”

“We only have more noise, more information. And so now you have to say, okay, how do we compete to get in front of our target audience and break through that noise? Content marketing.”

5. The Specifics of Successful Personal Branding Content

“You can’t just go through the motions with this stuff anymore.”

“Everybody’s doing content marketing. Everybody’s got podcasts. Everybody’s got whatever. So now you have to take it to the next level by humanizing the content and being authentic.”

That means to focus on the purpose and why of the business.

6. Why larger businesses should have multiple personal brands that occupy different strategic roles in the business.

“you shouldn’t have a single point of failure”

Great Scott! Let’s get this ball rolling.

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